Private Lessons

Would you like to speed up your learning with some personal attention? Private lessons are a great way to do just that! Over the course of an hour, you will have the benefit of focused one-on-one instruction as you work to achieve your goals. Those goals can include learning to dance from scratch, focusing intently on technique, simply learning fun new moves, or whatever strikes your fancy!

Please note, we offer private lessons only to students who have completed one of our classes, are currently enrolled in one of our classes, or who have previous Lindy Hop experience. Also, as the busy parents of two young children, our availability varies throughout the year.

Regular Private Lesson:

$45/hour  (1-2 people)

Package Deal:

$40/hour for 5 private lessons (1-2 people)

If you are interested in private lessons, email us at for more information.

***We occasionally do group private lessons for events such as corporate parties, etc. If you would like to discuss this email us at the address above.