Deep Valley Swing was founded by Jennifer and Eric Page as a way to share the exciting, celebratory joy of Lindy Hop with the greater Mankato Community! We offer group classes, private lessons, and help to organize great nights out on the town, dancing to some of the best live music Mankato has to offer. Please browse the site, learn about us, learn about Lindy Hop, and contact us if you have any questions!


Instructor Bios

Jennifer Page

Jennifer is a true ENFJ: passionate about sharing her knowledge and interests with others and helping them develop their full potential. She fell in love with the idea of Lindy Hop after seeing the GAP Swing commercial in 1998, but it was many years until the stars aligned and she found herself in a time and place where she had the opportunity to study swing in earnest. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Jennifer and her soon-to-be husband, Eric, began taking classes in the Twin Cities, joined a performance team, and began travelling all across the country to learn from some of the best teachers in the world at premier swing events from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Coast. Having relocated to Mankato, Jennifer is excited to share her passion for dance, learning, and personal development with you!

Eric Page

 Eric came to dance in the time honored way of many men before him: he liked a girl (Jennifer!), and he was told that in order to date her he’d have to learn to dance. So learn he did! And while the early years were rough going, soon enough he developed a passion for Lindy Hop that was all his own. Eric loves travelling to swing events across the country to experience the excitement and energy that develop when hundreds of people who share the same obsession converge. And he is always amazed by the new and exciting things that the people who love this dance create. Now that Eric and Jennifer are teaching in Mankato, he is excited to share some of this world with you. Because he knows from experience just how much someone who is sure that they, “Could never dance like that!” or “Just don’t have any rhythm!” can actually accomplish, he is eager to see all of you in class!