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Practice Music

These are some songs that we love dancing to, and you’ll probably recognize a number of them from class! Some are modern versions by newer bands and some are from classic recordings. They are listed in order from slow to fast, so the songs near the top of the list will be best for our beginner students. If you’re in an intermediate class, we encourage you to challenge yourselves with some of the faster songs. Lindy Hop is danced at all tempos!

Note: Most of these songs can be found multiple places (YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and many times as free MP3s since many are in the public domain). Also, jazz songs tend to exist in many different versions, even by the same artist. We’ve tried to include relevant information (such as album title or record number) when available, but feel free to search for a version you like.

Song                       Artist                                                       Album or Record Number

Apex Blues             Jim Cullum Jazz Band                             Chasin’ the Blues

Abilene                    Patty and the Buttons                               Once Over Lightly

Ain’t Misbehavin’     Fats Waller                                               Ain’t Misbehavin’

Sweet Substitute     The Jim Cullum HappyJazz Band           3 Kings of Jazz

Harlem Fuss            Fats Waller                                              Fats Waller and His                                                                                                                   Buddies

On The Sunny         Duke Heitger & His Swing Band             Rhythm Is Our Business       Side Of The Street

Pallet On The           Patty and The Buttons                            Once Over Lightly                 Floor

Slim’s Jam                Slim Gaillard & His Orchestra                T824  MAJESTIC -9001

Singin’ the Blues       The Jim Cullum Happy Jazz Band         3 Kings of Jazz

Fine Brown Frame    Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm                  T824  MAJESTIC -9001

I’m Gonna Sit            Fats Waller                                              Fats Waller & His Rhythm   Right Down and                                                                                                                 Write Myself a Letter

Tip Light                     Slim Gaillard                                            47S3031 MGM-10017

Broken Hearted         Tuba Skinny                                            Garbage Men                       Blues

Beale Street Blues     Jack Teagarden                                     Music From The Prohibition                                                                                                     Era

Swingin’ On Nothin’    Tommy Dorsey                                      The Tommy Dorsey Collection

Any Kind-a-Man          Tuba Skinny                                           Garbage Men

Lavender Coffin           Lionel Hampton                                     Jukebox Hits 1943-1950

Apollo Jump                 Lucky Millinder

All That Meat                Fats Waller                                                                                       and No Potatoes

Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop     Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra       Decca-18754

Shorty’s Got To Go      Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra         Decca-18867

Jump Session               Slim and Slam                                       1938-1939

Viper Mad                     Sidney Bechet & Noble Sissle’s             Sweet and Lowdown                                                Swingsters                                              (Motion Picture                                                                                                                          Soundtrack)

8, 9 and 10                     Slim And Slam                                       1938-1939